£612M increase in revenue for Domino’s Pizza

When we started working together, eCommerce constituted less than 15% of total Domino’s Pizza sales. That figure is now 81.8%.


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Domino's Pizza mobile app


  • 4.8 star rating on the App Store
  • 102.3% growth in revenue since the start of our partnership
  • 26.6M downloads generated in 2019 alone
  • 91.1% of orders were made online, compared to 55.7% in 2012

Awards & recognitions

  • Mobile Brand of the Decade – 2019 EMMAs
  • Biggest Increase in ROI – 2019 Drum Mobile Awards
  • Most Effective App – 2019 Drum Mobile Awards (Domino’s Driver App & Dashboard)


Who is Domino’s Pizza?

Domino’s Pizza is a global, industry-leading pizza business that probably doesn’t need much of an introduction.

In the UK alone, the business can sell upwards of 500,000 pizzas in a single day. That’s a lot of dough! The pizza giant needed digital solutions that would allow it to address the number of requests coming in, not only from its hungry customers but also for its staff.


Future Platforms has been Domino’s Pizza’s sole digital partner for over a decade.

The pizza chain first got in touch with an outlook to become a leading digital powerhouse in its industry, grounded in providing a seamless, multi-touch digital experience for its customers and staff. This includes solutions that would increase efficiency and customer satisfaction for behind and beyond the counter.

Prior to its partnership with Future Platforms in 2012, the existing app was not producing the returns and results that a business as big as Domino’s Pizza was after. Future Platforms was called in to completely redesign the platform and the user experience with the aim of making Domino’s Pizza the digital leader in the quick-service restaurant industry.


To reach its goals of turning Domino’s Pizza into a digital powerhouse, Future Platforms had to completely overhaul its existing apps and significantly improve the customer experience.

Extensive user research was undertaken to get under the skin of its customers to find out exactly what they needed out of a digital solution.

Future Platforms’ first goal was to revamp and revive the existing, underperforming Domino’s Pizza apps for iOS and Android.

Future Platforms took ownership of all elements of both apps and sought to establish consistent functionality and design, something lacking in the old apps.

The ongoing objective has been to reach as many customers as possible, by expanding the brand’s presence – with innovation and purpose – to as many digital platforms as possible. This is why the Domino’s Pizza app has been released across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, and even Xbox One.

This is an ongoing project that includes continuous updates and improvements to the app. In the past year, Future Platforms added functionality to the app that addresses the concerns consumers might have around accepting deliveries during the spread of COVID-19. Domino’s Pizza was one of the first fast-food retailers to offer contactless delivery, and the success of this can be attributed to the quick thinking done by the Future Platforms and Domino’s Pizza teams.


The app displays incredible UX and UI so that any user can easily navigate the app.

Additionally, with such a wide audience of pizza-lovers to cater to, the app clearly displays vegetarian and vegan options, as well as personal and tailored deals to the user.

The initial apps did not align with the desktop or mobile websites, which provided a very fragmented experience. The current Future Platforms apps align together to create a seamless, multichannel experience that improves the customer experience and ensures there is a more stable technical foundation.

A base layer of code is shared by the two apps, meaning they are technically aligned and receive features, upgrades, and fixes simultaneously. Future Platforms used its award-winning development framework, Kirin, to build 100 percent native user interfaces that share the same underlying code.

This method has been instrumental in expanding the app to iPad, Windows, Xbox One, and Apple Watch; using the code to create each app’s foundation. It saves significant time and resources versus building these separately, enabling quicker progress and allowing us to focus on crafting 100 percent native user interfaces.

Domino's Pizza digital products


Domino’s Pizza has experienced significant levels of revenue growth since partnering with Future Platforms.

During the entirety of the partnership, the business has experienced a revenue growth of 128 percent since 2011. In 2019, digital sales made up 81.8 percent of its entire revenue.

More importantly, these digital solutions are continuing to create a healthy revenue stream for Domino’s Pizza, who has experienced an increase in sales from the app of 19 percent (compared to the same period last year), which is even more impressive considering the impact COVID-19 has had on the fast-food industry.

The app has fantastic UX/UI, and with over 26.6m downloads across multiple platforms generating millions in sales each week, it’s the perfect representation of what an award-winning consumer app should look like.

“The rapid progress we have made in eCommerce means that we are already the clear leader amongst quick-service restaurant operators in digital.” David Wild Former CEO, Domino’s Pizza

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