Watch On-Demand: The Five Steps to Creating a Chatbot Business Case Webinar

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Posted by Bojana Lazarevska on 03 Dec, 2019

There is no denying the business benefits chatbots provide – we even previously summarised them – however, it’s not always clear how some businesses’ chatbots thrive, and others fail.

In our experience, the main reason chatbots fail is because businesses haven’t outlined their goals and needs for implementing a chatbot first. A business case that defines your needs will ensure your bot meets your objectives and expectations, and ultimately delivers value to your business.

To address this, we have developed a five-step approach to creating a business case, specifically for chatbots. This webinar will take you through these steps, which include:

  • Outlining your customers drivers, creating user stories, and scoring to prioritise your most valuable deliverables.
  • Outlining your business drivers and aligning your stakeholders to be on the same page around your bot objectives.
  • Exploring your technical feasibility and looking at areas that may produce challenges in building your bot.
  • How to measure the impact and complexity of your customer needs, business needs, and technical ability.
  • How to build your case after all your information has been gathered.

Watch our 20-minute webinar and learn how to apply this five-step approach to your own business – simply fill out the form below to get access.


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