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Posted by Luke Zaki on 24 Jun, 2019

Why personalisation can power retail success, the rise of wearable technology and the power of images in communication are just three of the key findings in Mary Meeker’s latest internet report.

Meeker’s report is a gift of insightful trends which just keeps giving as she brings a raft of figures and insights together. So many, indeed, that we were able to Tweet a new stat almost daily from @futureplatforms last week.

Annually, Meeker – who founded tech investment fund Bond earlier this year – brings together the big trends and ideas she has seen in the US and globally in a single, major, report. 

This year, however, her report covers even more ground than usual – it is 333 slides long.  In it, Meeker looks at almost everything digitally from how many people are using the internet. and what they are doing. to the most significant trends in e-commerce and advertising.

Here are three things you won’t find in other summaries of Internet Trends 2019. These are three of the more interesting and, less high profile, areas she highlighted:

1. Data and AI can boost shopper satisfaction with personalisation

If used properly, data and AI can be powerful tools – when combined – to help boost customer satisfaction. Quoting from an Accenture survey of 8,000 shoppers globally, Meeker pointed out that 91 per cent of retail customers prefer brands that give personalised offers and recommendations. She showed that 83 per cent of them are willing to passively share their data in exchange for personalised experiences.

Some 74 per cent of shoppers surveyed were even willing to actively share data in exchange for a personalised experience.

2. Wearable tech is on the rise

In the last four years, the number of people using wearable technology has more than doubled. There are now 52 million users of wearable technology in the US. In the UK, the possibilities of wearable tech in healthcare seem to be the most exciting. As the BBC reported recently, there are projects helping patients to monitor their own progress under treatment with Apps and wearable tech.

3. Images are driving more and more communication

An increasing number of people are using images to communicate. There are now one billion global monthly active users on the image-based social platform Instagram. More than half of all Tweets, for example, now include images.

According to Meeker, people are also taking more pictures than ever before. Instagram, and other platforms, are amplifying this relatively new style of digital communication.

Internet Trends 2019: Mary Meeker’s report is an annual highlight

“If it feels like we’re all drinking from a data firehose, it’s because we are.”

Mary Meeker, Internet Trends 2019

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