Three key internet trends you need to know

24 Jun, 2019 Read More Down Arrow

Three key internet trends you need to know

by Philip Smith on 24 Jun, 2019

Why personalisation can power retail success, the rise of wearable technology and the power of images in communication are just three of the key findings in Mary Meeker’s latest internet report. Meeker’s report is a gift of insightful...

Five ideas to help the high street win the digital race with retail

by Johan van der Steen on 14 Jun, 2019

Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia retail empire might have been saved this week but the high street is still struggling to find solutions to keep it competitive with online retailers. Yet our hackathon last year showed that we have...

Case Study: Driving operational efficiency for Domino’s

by Johan van der Steen on 31 May, 2019

Our latest case study focuses on the operational efficiencies and increased productivity gained from the Domino’s Driver project Dominos had a big problem. Once a pizza was made and given to a driver there was no visibility on this...

Insights: Digital Transformation from the Inside Out

by Johan van der Steen on 23 May, 2019

Our latest white paper focuses on digital transformation and how it can benefit your business. Operational digital transformation enables businesses to use digital tools to streamline processes, measure effectively and drive operational excellence. We have looked at industry...

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