Event: chatbot or human: “Customers need to know who they are talking to”

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Event: chatbot or human: “Customers need to know who they are talking to”

by Philip Smith on 11 Jul, 2019

Chatbots can be powerful customer service tools but it’s important consumers know immediately if they are talking to a bot or another person, says Adam Croxen, Managing Director of Future Platforms. In the build up to the agency’s...

Businesses need to prioritise three key factors for digital transformation

by Philip Smith on 08 Jul, 2019

Businesses need to focus on three key factors to ensure they undergo effective operational digital transformation. “Customers want utility and personalised experiences when they deal with brands,” says Adam Croxen, managing director of Future Platforms. “Digital transformation can...

Kotlin Multiplatform promises better consumer experiences with cross-platform apps

by Philip Smith on 03 Jul, 2019

Consumers will get more out of cross-platform apps and other mobile experiences in the future thanks to a new experimental language feature, suggests Future Platforms’ head of mobile. Douglas Hoskins, head of mobile at Future Platforms, which has...

Event: Investigating three business benefits of chatbots

by Philip Smith on 27 Jun, 2019

Chatbots have moved far beyond their gimmicky perceptions and can offer three clear business benefits: cost reduction, commercial growth and lead-generation. Understanding these benefits and working out how to get the most out of chatbot implementation will be...

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