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Why voice and chat platforms are here to stay

by George Gabriel on 18 May, 2017

Whether it’s a news or recipe bot on Facebook, a chat-based tool like Google Assistant, or a standalone in-home assistant like Amazon Echo, voice and chat-based interfaces have gained unprecedented levels of popularity in the past twelve months....


Our team’s insight on future trends in tech

by George Gabriel on 06 Nov, 2014

For this month’s edition of our monthly newsletter, we’re referring back to its title and looking ahead to what 2015 and beyond might hold for the technology industry. Read on to discover the perspectives held by some of...

Improving in-store retail experiences with mobile and digital

Smart home tech must be as clever as it is cool

by George Gabriel on 03 Oct, 2014

Personal technology has developed at an overwhelming pace during the last ten years, and our expectation of what it can do grows ever larger. We’ve become more productive in the office, on the road, at sporting events and...

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