A Decade of Mobile: A Retrospective on the Industry’s Evolution

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Why messaging is the most dominant force on mobile

Messaging: the most dominant force on mobile

by George Gabriel on 18 Feb, 2016

Messaging has grown to become the dominant form of communication on mobile, but it’s quickly becoming about more than just staying in touch. In this post, we take a look at how it can become more central to...

Improving in-store retail experiences with mobile and digital

Exploring opportunities with Beacon technology

by George Gabriel on 15 Feb, 2016

The technology could prove to be a huge opportunity for the retail and leisure industries In several of our recent posts, we’ve looked at how a number of industries can boost their customer experiences with a better implementation...


Where next for mobile in 2016?

by George Gabriel on 21 Jan, 2016

  3rd-party cards in Google Now and Facebook Messenger’s Uber integration are two indications of where mobile might be headed As we move into 2016, mobile continues to increase its power and prevalence in the digital world. With...


Changing our ways on mobile – Apple and Google

by George Gabriel on 27 Oct, 2015

How are the two tech giants changing the way we navigate mobile? Over the past two weeks we’ve looked closely at what mobile’s major players, Apple and Google, are offering users with their latest operating systems and flagship...

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