A Decade of Mobile: A Retrospective on the Industry’s Evolution

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The importance of delivering accessible mobile apps

by George Gabriel on 29 Sep, 2016

WHY DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED TO FOCUS ON ACCESSIBILITY? As we’ve covered in previous posts, the usage of mobile devices and applications is more frequent than at any previous point in time. From the near blanket ownership of smartphones by the millennial generation, to...


Bolstering traditional businesses with digital

by George Gabriel on 08 Jun, 2016

Mobile and digital are at the heart of everything today, playing an instrumental role in the enormous success of some of the world’s best-performing companies. In fact, multi-billion-pound businesses like Netflix, Spotify, and Facebook today provide virtually no...

Building Mobile Apps

Zero UI – changing the mobile experience

by George Gabriel on 05 Apr, 2016

To this point, undertaking tasks with mobile and digital has mostly required us to open up an app or service, navigate to a certain part of it, and specify what we want to do before it’s executed; all...

Why messaging is the most dominant force on mobile

Messaging: the most dominant force on mobile

by George Gabriel on 18 Feb, 2016

Messaging has grown to become the dominant form of communication on mobile, but it’s quickly becoming about more than just staying in touch. In this post, we take a look at how it can become more central to...

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