A Decade of Mobile: A Retrospective on the Industry’s Evolution

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The biggest news from Apple’s keynote

by Johan van der Steen on 07 Jun, 2017

Forget the Homepod, the real revolution is happening under the iPhone’s hood   Yesterday Apple introduced their first new hardware since the Apple Watch, entering the crowded market of connected speakers. However, the real revolution was introduced during...


The importance of delivering accessible mobile apps

by George Gabriel on 29 Sep, 2016

WHY DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED TO FOCUS ON ACCESSIBILITY? As we’ve covered in previous posts, the usage of mobile devices and applications is more frequent than at any previous point in time. From the near blanket ownership of smartphones by the millennial generation, to...

Adam Croxen

Adam Croxen talks Twitter and Apple for Mobile Marketing Magazine

by George Gabriel on 06 Apr, 2016

Future Platforms Managing Director, Adam Croxen, features in two recent articles on the Mobile Marketing Magazine website. A founding member of the magazine’s Mobile Leaders’ Network, Adam serves on a panel of industry experts who offer comment and...

Building Mobile Apps

Zero UI – changing the mobile experience

by George Gabriel on 05 Apr, 2016

To this point, undertaking tasks with mobile and digital has mostly required us to open up an app or service, navigate to a certain part of it, and specify what we want to do before it’s executed; all...

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