Future Platforms discusses security and smart speakers with TechTarget’s IoT Agenda

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Posted by Johan van der Steen on 30 Oct, 2017

With the smart speaker market beginning to gain traction, the topic of security is ringing louder within the tech industry. Our Lead Strategist, Olivier Legris, recently shared his insight with TechTarget’s IoT Agenda and explores the development of this technology, highlighting some of the real threats posed by smart speakers of the future. Here are some of the key points touched upon from Olivier’s article:


Speaking of convenience

GMI (Global Market Insights) has forecast that the size of this market will exceed $13 billion


With the introduction of the smart home concept, Olivier says we are truly changing the way we think about technology within our own homes. When we recognise the benefit that our connected devices have in our everyday lives in our private spaces, we begin to understand that the idea of engagements with smart speaker technology will increase.


Useful or not?

Whilst the smart speaker is still seen as an entertaining gadget, rather than a useful commodity, not all consumers will feel the investment is worth it


It is no secret that there have been some levels of hesitation to adopt the technology, primarily around the usage factor – however, Olivier suggests that no one has shown a reason as to why smart speakers can be seen as indispensable. Perhaps this is due to the fact that currently, smart speakers only work on simple commands. For example, requesting music or setting reminders.


The underlying issue

Hackers will continue to try their hardest to create chaos in our lives


Olivier says that many are attracted by the traits that smart speakers can provide, such as convenience and pricing, and often overlook other important details such as security.

Hacking is a real fear – so can we trust this technology, which is, in effect, an active device that seemingly listens to your every word in your home?


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If you’d like to read Olivier’s full article, you can find it here.

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