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When we speak with clients, we often find that the hardest part of creating their mobile strategy is simply knowing where to start. This is why we have created the mobile health check specifically to address this and to give businesses a framework to get started on their mobile journey.

We have seven health check steps, outlined below, which take a holistic view at your current mobile solutions (if any), your business needs and goals, your end-users, and your industry market to implement a mobile strategy that delivers value.

Our bespoke solutions are tailored for your unique business needs. To get started with your personalised health check, book a free consultation with one of our team members today.


Heuristic review

No digital channel stands alone. In this key first step, we take a look at all of your user interfaces and your business as a whole. We analyse any challenges you may face for a mobile strategy.

Technical review

Technology is the backbone of your solution, which is why we get under the hood and look at the code of your existing offerings (if there is some) to see where improvements can be made.

Market research

Our in-depth competitor analysis highlights your unique advantages over the competition, as well as your industry landscape and current market trends.

Business understanding

We create custom and bespoke business solutions. This is why we delve into your core business values to understand exactly what you need to recommend a solution we know will deliver results.

Extensive user research

Whatever your mobile solution, it needs to work for your target audience. We ensure that the suggestions we make are based on extensive research conducted on your users. This includes research done prior to recommending a solution and user testing conducted after we have a prototype.

Insights and analysis

We provide our findings and a key consultancy session which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy, or recommendations for your solution if you’re starting from scratch.

A practical roadmap

Our health check ends with a thorough and realistic timeline for your next steps. But we won’t abandon you here – we will continue to monitor the progress of your mobile strategy and make recommendations where needed.

We had some useful conversations with Future Platforms at the start and I quickly realised that, rather than think about it as 'producing an app', we had to think about it as producing a solution to a problem, which happens to be through technology.

Cathy Long - Head of Supporter Services, Premier League