Meet the Team: Senior Backend Developer, Gintaras Bubelevicius

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Posted by Bojana Lazarevska on 29 Nov, 2019

Great backend developers are hard to find. Our development team is the backbone of the work that Future Platforms produces.

Gintaras Bubelevicius is one of those rare Senior Backend Developers, who not only tinkers away coding behind the scenes, but also goes above and beyond to create outstanding logic for our clients’ projects.

Future Platforms: Meet the Team
Future Platforms’ Senior Backend Developer, Gintaras

What do you do at Future Platforms and what is your favourite part about your role?
I’m a Senior Backend Developer and I love to write code in a fast-paced and challenging environment. Best practices, high quality code and performance are my main priorities; we don’t cut corners just to make it on time. As a backend developer, I get to work on multiple projects, so work is never dull as I face new challenges every day.

Tell us a bit about your journey and how you got here:
I used to work as a Video Editor for many years back in Lithuania (where I’m from), but after finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Informatics, I decided to turn to software development. I worked for a few companies, gained experience, and eventually decided to move to the UK where I got the job at Future Platforms.

What projects are you most excited to work on and why?
One of the main projects I work on is Domino’s Pizza’s GPS driver tracking system. I’ve been working on this project for a few years now and really enjoy it as there’s always something new to develop. I like the flexibility of it as I get full freedom to make any architectural changes – that is where I get to be really creative.

What/who inspires you?
I get inspired by good ideas that can change people’s lives for the better. They’re hard to find but when I stumble upon something really good and life-changing, I drop whatever I’m doing and focus on achieving it.

Finally, what would your superpower be?
Time control – wouldn’t it be great if you could go back in time with your current knowledge, or go to the future to see what it’s like? Mind-boggling!

Gintaras is a great backend developer who has gone above and beyond to deliver high-quality work. We’re really glad he’s a part of the team and can’t wait to see him further develop in his role.

Nitan Patel, Senior Project Manager – Future Platforms

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