Meet the Team: Project Manager, Heather Hargreaves

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Posted by Bojana Lazarevska on 24 Jan, 2020

At Future Platforms, we couldn’t operate without our talented team of Project Managers. 

Wearing many hats, our Project Managers are the visionaries who articulate our clients’ goals to the wider team and make sure they’re delivered on time and to a high standard. Heather Hargreaves is one of our Project Managers, who is not only responsible for the day-to-day management and execution of our projects, but who also ensures our clients are always satisfied with the end result. 


Future Platforms’ Project Manager, Heather


What do you do at Future Platforms and what is your favourite part about your role?
I’m a Project Manager and I mainly look after our First Rail client. My day-to-day is managing multiple development teams, budgets, and project plans, as well as liaising with our clients, stakeholders, and senior management team. My favourite part of my role is working with all the different departments and my development team. I also enjoy testing the latest new technology and phones; it makes picking a new phone a lot easier.

Tell us a bit about your journey and how you got here:
I’ve always wanted to work in development (originally video games), so I knew I wanted to work in a cutting-edge, fast-paced environment. Having previously worked as a Project Consultant for another digital agency for five years, I’d learned a lot but was ready for a change.

I wanted to find somewhere where I could grow my skillset, as well as work with an awesome team. Future Platforms provided me the challenges and training I was looking for, and also the fantastic team I was looking for. Coming to work every day and loving the people you work with is a must for me!

What projects are you most excited to work on and why?
I love my current projects with First Rail. Managing multiple apps and different stakeholders means there’s always new technology and features for us to investigate and build. No matter the challenge or feature, having a team that you fully trust to manage and implement the project makes the days so much more exciting.

What/who inspires you?
My team always inspires me. Their passion and dedication to their work, and desire to constantly learn new technologies and skills to find the best possible solution is amazing. My Project Director is also a beacon of positivity, efficiency and solutions – she is my current superhero.

Also Buffy.

Finally, what would your superpower be?
Shape-shifting! Mystique is a highly underrated mutant – it’s the ultimate super power.


Heather is one of the stars of the PM team. It doesn’t matter if the project is large or small, she always ensures we deliver them on time, to budget, and to her very high standards. Her fun and caring nature means she always looks out for her team, and makes sure they are focused and supported.

Tim Ball, Head of Delivery – Future Platforms

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