Meet the Team: iOS Developer, Nikash

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Posted by Bojana Lazarevska on 23 Aug, 2019

Our development team is crucial for creating the digital solutions that make Future Platforms tick.

Today, we chatted to one of our iOS Developers, Nikash Ramsorrun, to find out a bit more about him and his role as a Developer at Future Platforms.

Meet the team: Nikash
Future Platforms’ iOS Developer, Nikash

What do you do at Future Platforms and what is your favourite part about your role?
I work as an iOS Developer and during my time here, I’ve been lucky enough to work on several different projects. I would say my favorite part of the job is being constantly challenged. I’ve had previous jobs where the work can become monotonous but as a developer here, you are constantly required to think about solutions to features for clients.

Tell us a bit about your journey and how you got here:
I actually studied electronic engineering, but wasn’t satisfied with the jobs and the environment/industry as a whole. After one fateful end to a job, I took a temporary job as a hardware tester at a big company while deciding in what direction to take my career.

I always liked the idea of creating something that benefits people. The idea of developing an app and looking over one day to see someone using it, really appealed to me. With my first payslip, I bought a Mac and started to learn how to code, using whatever materials I could get a hold of. I read books, used online resources, and eventually had the basics down. I then set my sights on making an app and, after nine months of trial and error, I released it on the App Store. It gained 4000 downloads, and I used that as proof of my ability to apply at Future Platforms. The rest is history…

What projects are you most excited to work on and why?
First Rail is exciting to work on as architecturally, it has taken a different direction than originally planned, which is a great challenge. Looking ahead, I am excited to work on some more transport mobile app projects that we have coming up.

What/who inspires you?
I am inspired by the idea that everyone can become a better version of themselves, regardless of how old they get. Whether it’s changing your career, or something small like starting to keep fit or learning something new, it’s never too late.

Finally, what would your superpower be?
The power of teleportation. That way, I can travel anywhere in the world or even the universe in an instant, and see things no one will ever see.

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We saw a lot of potential in Nikash when we interviewed him, and he’s proven to be a solid member of the Future Platforms technical staff. He has a great enthusiasm for development, bringing a positive attitude to any team he is part of.

Ben Strawson, Technical Director – Future Platforms

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