Meet the Team: Android Developer, Dan Flynn

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Posted by Bojana Lazarevska on 21 Feb, 2020

Enter the world of Android, where our developers are busy building applications with intuitive UI for the Android operating system.

Our Android devs are passionate about the software and work with our UX team to bring designs to life.

One of these passionate developers is Dan Flynn, who works endlessly to ensure our clients receive a product that not only exceeds their expectations but that is also useful and beneficial for their customers.

Future Platforms’ Android Developer, Dan


What do you do at Future Platforms and what is your favourite part about your role?

I am an Android Developer at Future Platforms, and work as part of a small, agile team. I get so much satisfaction out of working on a brand new feature for an app and bringing it to fruition from the ground up; from a static image on the designer’s screen, to a working prototype within a couple weeks. To get every detail right, we sometimes work on a feature for months and it’s all worth it when a new version finally ships to customers and we see the reviews flowing in. It’s a great feeling to see something you’ve worked on helping people in their daily lives.


Tell us a bit about your journey and how you got here:

I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland, but moved to London in early 2019 to pursue a career in mobile development. Originally working as a web developer, I discovered fairly quickly I had a great affinity towards the kind of software I use every day on my phone. Being a heavy smartphone user myself, I felt I had a good insight into what makes a good or a bad app. Having developed apps all throughout my time at university as well as for my thesis project, I was ready to develop these skills further in a professional context and Future Platforms has helped me do just that!


What projects are you most excited to work on and why?

I work primarily on the Android version of the First Bus app. We recently released a redesigned version of the Bus Route, which is really intuitive to use. As well as this, we’re working on some new ticket management features in the Wallet that are really exciting to bring to life. There’s also quite a few new features coming down the line soon, which I’m grateful to be involved in. The project has really helped me further my development skills, such as improving my knowledge of technologies like RxJava, as well as my debugging skills and use of various new tools.


What/who inspires you?

I like to think I keep up-to-date with everything going on in the world of tech, so I’m always knowledgeable on what others are creating or producing, and quite often, I find I derive ideas and inspiration from that. It’s more of a case of keeping on top of where the industry is headed and trying to preempt what people might need next, or features people find useful in apps nowadays that you may be able to iterate on.

However, in terms of a single person that inspires me? Steve Jobs was and always will be an inspiration because of how he managed to carve out new paths in the tech industry and changed the world of tech with his vision and drive.


Finally, what would your superpower be?

I’d love to be able to either fly or teleport myself wherever I wanted. It would mostly be useful just to get to work and home again so I don’t have to deal with the rush hour commute on the tube! Some days you’d rather just be there, you know?


Enthusiastic and inquisitive, Dan provides cross-discipline talent and great platform advocacy. He is a stellar example of lateral thinking and a great asset to the team.

Phil Burtenshaw, Android Team Lead – Future Platforms

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