The iPhone X: the next step in merging digital and physical experiences

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Posted by Johan van der Steen on 03 Nov, 2017

What does the new iPhone X mean for the mobile experience?


Following Apple’s keynote speech in June, the California-based tech giants had something in store for their September keynote speech – the new iPhone X. Apple has become a master in integrating digital products into our everyday lives, but the iPhone X is a huge milestone in this long-time quest.


Our phones are dead, long live the screens


By switching to a hyper-realist OLED screen with no bezel, Apple follows an already widely adopted movement that removes the idea of a screen as a component. Now our phones are screens, nothing else.


The idea behind that seems to be that digital displays will seamlessly merge into our physical world and their borders will become blurrier. In order to push that further, Apple is dividing phones into separated accessories that make it exist as a holistic experience rather than as one product: The iPhone X, the AirPods, the Apple Watch and the HomePod were one device only four years ago.


Limited physical interactions


The iPhone X diminishes physical interactions in order to create a quicker and more intuitive experience. Thanks to facial recognition, unlocking your phone now only requires a glance at your screen and thanks to the disappearance of the physical home button, the gestures become smoother and more intuitive.


Our physical self and digital self


With the introduction of animojis (emojis that become a moving avatar, following your facial expressions in real time), Apple is pushing the gamification trend further and opening up huge possibilities for customisation and profile building in apps and games. User’s digital avatars will become a part of their life as much as their real world persona.




The borders between physical and digital are lowering each day, and we need to make that prominent in the way we see modern services. Users will engage deeper with a product if they are built as a holistic experience that takes both physical and digital interactions into account and extends the experience further for the user.

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