Insights: Learn from our 7 proven practices for mobile

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Posted by Luke Zaki on 10 May, 2019

The latest insights from our Spotlight Series focuses on advice for creating successful mobile experiences.

We expect mobile experiences to be frictionless, relevant, intuitive and above all useful. We call this desired experience, utility.

Whether you are creating an e-commerce platform, a self-service app for your customers or a tool for your team that improves efficiency, there are some guiding principles you should follow to create utility.

We have summarised our 7 Proven Practices for Creating Successful Mobile Experiences into a whitepaper.

Download to learn:

  • The fundamental questions you must ask to avoid making expensive mistakes.
  • How to ensure that the end-user is at the heart of your strategic decisions.
  • The financial impact of mobile, its ability to drive revenue and reduce operational costs.
  • Why is the customer more important than the technology in achieving success?

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