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Posted by George Gabriel on 26 May, 2017

Our MD, Adam Croxen, shares insight for ITProPortal on how mobile and digital solutions have the power to revolutionise the events industry, bringing significant benefits for both event-goers and operators


For several years we’ve been working with clients like Wembley Stadium, Glastonbury Festival, the Premier League and Twickets, to create solutions that create unforgettable live experiences for fans and deliver a better return on investment for businesses. Today’s wide-scale availability of live-streaming and online coverage, alongside the rising expense of tickets, has left some questioning whether they really need to shell out for live events.

It means that sports teams, concert promoters, and festival organisers are battling to offer better value for money, not just in ticket prices but in terms of how mobile and digital can create unbeatable live experiences. In a recent article for ITProPortal, our Managing Director, Adam Croxen, shares how technology can revolutionise live events, improving the fan experience and delivering profitable improvements for event operators.


Tackling the connectivity problem

People at events spend a significant amount of time on their phones, so operators have to tackle the connectivity problems that exist at events today. Taking pictures, making calls, and uploading content all put a strain on cellular networks, and too many connections in densely populated spaces make it impossible to get service.

Many arenas have looked to install in-house Wi-Fi connections, or work with network providers to provide bespoke coverage solutions. A solid technical infrastructure is fundamental to any kind of digital and mobile success, and enables the ability to develop guest services, provide opportunities for sponsors and advertisers, and establish capabilities to capture data and business insights.


Adding value to the fan experience

We know through our work with Wembley, Glastonbury, and the Premier League that the perfect digital experience goes far beyond the main attraction. The fan journey begins the moment they start searching for tickets or details at home, and ends after the event when they need directions home or wish to retrospectively purchase merchandise.

In order for your solution to be relevant though, it’s crucial to know who your audience is, what they value as useful, what their challenges are, and develop accordingly. With this approach we’ve implemented a wide-range of experience-enhancing mobile and digital features, from bespoke travel planners and location guides, to exclusive competitions, content, and geo-located offers only available to app users inside the arena.


Intelligently improving operations

It’s not just attendees who get to benefit from using mobile and digital at the event. Going digital allows venues to collect valuable data about so many factors, which can then inform future business decisions. It allows marketing campaigns to be tailored to user behaviour, shows how people are using their devices, can produce heat maps and density graphs to show peak times at concessions or bathrooms, and much more.
Stadium owners offer their guests products and services that are more relevant to them, while gaining a clearer picture of operations. With a mobile ticketing solution, which already benefits fans compared to paper options, unsold seats could be purchased or offered as upgrades in the hours leading up to the event.


Capitalising on the trend

There are a bounty of opportunities for stadium owners and event operators, who can bring better efficiency to their operations and deliver an immersive fan experience. In our experience, it’s key to start small and iterate regularly, rather than trying to undergo an enormous digital transformation immediately.

Gradually adding features keeps costs and timings manageable, allowing you to see what resonates with attendees and works for your business. As your product improves with iterations and testing over time, you’ll be able to raise the level of customer service, increase perceived value for money, and make logistical improvements that would have otherwise been impossible.


Already improving live experiences for Wembley, Glastonbury, and the Premier League, we have extensive practice creating innovative and robust digital solutions. If you’re a stadium, arena, sports team, or operator looking to improve and enhance your at-event experience with digital, we’d love to hear from you.

You can read the full version of Adam’s article for ITProPortal here.

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