Domino’s Easy Order arrives on Apple Watch

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Posted by George Gabriel on 05 Jan, 2016

In December 2015, we worked with Domino’s Pizza to release some major updates to the company’s mobile apps. This saw the introduction of Easy Order to iPhone and Android devices, a one-touch system that allows users to order their favourites using a single tap, as well as a new virtual ordering assistant and pizza tracking support for Apple Watch.

This month, we’ve worked with Domino’s to increase the level of Apple Watch support to deliver even greater convenience, and customers are now able to make full use of one-touch Easy Order functionality on their wearable devices.

The introduction of a one-touch Apple Watch app now takes the total number of native digital ordering platforms to 8, leaving customers spoiled for choice as to how to order their next pizza; as well as helping Domino’s generate more than £5m in sales every single week.

Our shared vision with Domino’s means we strive to help customers order as quickly and easily as possible, and one-touch Apple Watch support is the newest embodiment of this principle. And, importantly, the technology presents some exciting opportunities for how we might bring Easy Order to newer platforms in the future. Not surprisingly the updates have garnered national attention, and we’ve rounded up the best soundbites below:

Mobile Marketing Magazine

As well as Domino’s formidable range of apps – which stretches from a full complement of mobile devices all the way to Microsoft’s Xbox One console – Easy Order last year became available via a connected button and even a Twitter hashtag. It’s not hard to see why the company focuses so intently on this area – digital currently accounts for 77 per cent of its orders, half of which come from mobile. Read more

The Drum

Domino’s has been aggressive in offering customers different ways to make orders in the belief that the easier it makes ordering pizza then the more sales it will generate. Consequently, it launched an order by emoji service in the US and recently allowed Xbox users to order pizza’s from their consoles. It would appear the strategy is paying off. Like-for-like sales rose 10.3 per cent in the UK and Ireland in the six months to June. The company expects to sell more than 15 million pizzas in 2016 compared with 2015. Read more


If you’re a Domino’s Pizza addict, there’s now a faster way to get some fresh slices hurtling towards your front door. The company has updated its Apple Watch app with “Easy Order,” a feature that lets you set up a specific basket and then, when hunger strikes, order it again with a single tap. Read more

We’re thrilled to release another major update to the Domino’s Pizza apps, and are excited to see customers try out a new way to order their favourite pizzas. Find out more about our 9-year history of work for Domino’s here, including a groundbreaking app for Xbox One.

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