Why voice and chat platforms are here to stay

18 May, 2017 Read More Down Arrow
improving concert experiences using connectivity and mobile

We talk to ITProPortal about improving concert experiences using connectivity and mobile

by Leon on 26 May, 2017

In the last few years, concert venues have had to find different ways to make the experience of the event-goer truly unforgettable. Now more than ever, fans are using their smart devices in the purchasing process and even...

Future Platforms, Domino's Pizza nominated for two MOMA Awards

Future Platforms, Domino’s Pizza nominated for two MOMA awards

by George Gabriel on 20 Apr, 2017

We’re delighted to announce that in partnership with our client, Domino’s Pizza, Future Platforms has been named on the shortlist in two categories at The Drum’s 2017 MOMA Awards. Our work producing the award-winning ordering apps for Domino’s...

Lifting the lid on the benefits of variable testing

by George Gabriel on 06 Dec, 2016

When it comes to mobile and digital products, variable testing is a phrase and concept that has flown under the radar for many businesses. While plenty of companies will have encountered and talked about it, we’ve found that...

Starting small & building fast: the undervalued benefits of prototyping

by George Gabriel on 29 Nov, 2016

To a business embarking on developing a complex digital product, such as a mobile app, planning and definition can be one of the hardest tasks. You may already see the clear benefit to the business and your customers,...

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