How COVID-19 Could Shape the Future of Transport

21 May, 2020 Read More Down Arrow
How COVID-19 could shape public transport - Future Platforms

How COVID-19 Could Shape the Future of Transport

by Bojana Lazarevska on 21 May, 2020

  There is no doubt that transport has been one of the worst-hit industries by the COVD-19 pandemic.   As more of us sit in isolation, our once heavily-congested buses and trains are running reduced services with minimal...

Mobile app architecture matters - Future Platforms

Why Mobile App Architecture Matters

by Samuel Nudds on 06 May, 2020

About the author: Samuel Nudds is a Senior UX Designer at Future Platforms. Here, he shares his experience about good mobile app architecture and why it’s important for a successful user experience   App architecture is the fundamental...

Workspace + Future Platforms: creating a winning mobile strategy

Workspace: How a Mobile Strategy Improved the Customer Experience for Thousands of Businesses

by Bojana Lazarevska on 09 Apr, 2020

  With the rise and increased popularity of startups and flexible working conditions, co-working spaces became more and more important. Colliers International stated that co-working is one of the few expanding office demand sources. But flexible offices still...

Insights from China: Mobile is Key - Future Platforms

Insights from China: Mobile is Key to Business Survival in our Rapidly-Changing Climate

by Luke Zaki on 02 Apr, 2020

  Earlier this year, the world was significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, a type of coronavirus. As uncertainty over the pandemic continues to rise and more and more people are being told to stay at home, consumers...

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