Insights from China: Mobile is Key to Business Survival in our Rapidly-Changing Climate

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Spotlight Series - Artificial Intelligence Main

AI – from theory to improving the mobile experience

by Johan van der Steen on 29 Nov, 2017

Future Platforms Spotlight Series in September – Artificial Intelligence Whether your company is ready or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is here. It’s no longer a science fiction fad. Embrace the technology and start preparing for how you can...


Using technology to make our lives better—hackathon

by Johan van der Steen on 31 Oct, 2017

Following on from our Hackathon in August, Future Platforms is excited to announce that it will be hosting another company-wide Hackathon in November. This time around, the event will run over two days: from Thursday 9th until Friday...

Future Platforms Spotlight Series - Artificial Intelligence

Spotlight Series Event – AI: From theory to improving the mobile experience

by Johan van der Steen on 17 Aug, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic in the technological world. According to recent studies, the global market for content analytics, discovery and cognitive systems software is projected to reach $9.2 billion by 2019, more than double the figure...

Hackathon on voice technology - Google Home and Amazon Echo

Using voice technology to make life better and businesses more effective—hackathon

by Johan van der Steen on 14 Aug, 2017

As a company built on a tradition of creativity and innovation, alongside our client work we love to experiment with new and emerging technologies. In that spirit, we recently hosted a company-wide hackathon, allowing both our technical and...

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