Future Platforms Spotlight Series in September – Artificial Intelligence

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Future Platforms Spotlight Series in September – Artificial Intelligence

by Eddie Guevarra on 29 Nov, 2017

AI: From theory to improving the mobile experience Whether your company is ready or not, Artificial Intelligence is here; it’s no longer a science fiction fad. So embrace the technology and start preparing for how you can utilise...


The iPhone X: the next step in merging digital and physical experiences

by Clara Dalbera on 03 Nov, 2017

What does the new iPhone X mean for the mobile experience?   Following Apple’s keynote speech in June, the California-based tech giants had something in store for their September keynote speech – the new iPhone X. Apple has...


e-Commerce Retailers: How Apple Pay & Android Pay Could Boost Your Conversion Rates This Christmas

by Olivier Legris on 18 Oct, 2017

Earlier this year, we implemented Apple Pay into one of our client’s apps. It has been a great success as we are currently experiencing a growth of Apple Pay transactions by 50% on a month by month basis. Apple Pay...

The biggest news from Apple’s keynote

by Olivier Legris on 07 Jun, 2017

Forget the Homepod, the real revolution is happening under the iPhone’s hood   Yesterday Apple introduced their first new hardware since the Apple Watch, entering the crowded market of connected speakers. However, the real revolution was introduced during...

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