Meet the Team: Office Manager, Johan

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Meet the Team: Office Manager, Johan

by Bojana Lazarevska on 19 Sep, 2019

Our management teams ensure Future Platforms runs smoothly, particularly if they’re in charge of the entire office. Johan van der Steen is the Future Platforms Office Manager, and honestly, we would be lost without him. We caught up...

Technological revolution in the transport industry

Technology’s Growing Influence on Public Transportation

by Bojana Lazarevska on 13 Sep, 2019

The rise of technology is having a profound impact on the public transportation industry. With the industry feeling the heat from rising customer demands and a collision of transformative technology, it has started to introduce more technical solutions...

AI Chatbots: How They're Redefining Human Interaction

The Rise of AI Chatbots: How They’re Redefining Human Interaction

by Adam Croxen on 04 Sep, 2019

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in the consumer market, causing them to evolve into more sophisticated machines as we continue to fine-tune their uses and abilities. Simply speaking, a chatbot is a virtual assistant you can engage in...

5 Innovative Ways Technology Can Improve Buildings

5 Innovative Ways Technology Can Improve Buildings

by Bojana Lazarevska on 03 Sep, 2019

It is a well-known saying that we are the products of our environment. So, it would only make sense that our environment is configured to provide the best possible experiences. This is, at least, a realisation that is...

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