Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza: built to make every second count

How we shaped Domino’s Pizza into a leading digital-first business


Domino's Pizza


  • 4.8*on the App Store
  • 102.3%growth in revenue
  • 44M+total users - and counting!
  • 66.1%increase in online orders

“Dom, I’d like to order a winning mobile experience, a GPS solution for optimised routes, and a side of 102.3% growth in revenue please.”

When we became the sole mobile partner for Domino’s Pizza in 2010, just 25% of its sales came from digital platforms – now, that figure stands at an impressive 91.1%, proving that the business has been transformed from a pizza restaurant into an eCommerce powerhouse, respected across the world.

We positioned digital at the heart of its journey, helping to differentiate the brand from competitors, delivering top-line growth and bottom-line savings along the way.

Most importantly, we have aligned customer satisfaction with business needs by saving seconds along the way with an optimised delivery process that ensures the pizza arrives fresh and fast.

Revitalising the Domino’s Pizza brand

Its competitive industry meant that Domino’s Pizza needed to stand out and be more than ‘just’ a fast-food delivery service.

Our user research showed that as well as the quality of the pizza, what customers value most is the convenience of ordering and the speed of delivery.

We capitalised on this by helping Domino’s Pizza pioneer mobile ordering and delivery with its famous Pizza Tracker – which has since been copied time and time again by the likes of other delivery services.

Customers feel a sense of confidence and security because they know exactly when their pizza will be delivered and that it will arrive hot.

For the business, our products have resulted in multi-million-pound efficiencies in pizza delivery and logistics, in-store process improvements, and staff management; building a strong digital brand along the way.

Our solutions have saved Domino’s Pizza seconds where it counts, generating £100K every 6 minutes when it used to take 24 hours.

To innovate, we helped deliver a multi-channel experience, offering the app on Apple Watch and Xbox One, allowing users to order pizza with a series of voice commands or hand gestures.

In our 15-year partnership, we have made incremental changes that have resulted in big impacts: to this day, our digital products are responsible for 46% of Domino’s Pizza’s total sales.

“The rapid progress we have made in eCommerce means that we are the clear leader amongst quick-service restaurant operators in digital.”David WildFormer CEO, Domino’s Pizza