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The Twickets story

The original concept began in November 2011, after Future Platforms owner Richard Davies was able to find a last-minute, sold-out gig ticket from a fellow fan on Twitter. Further research uncovered the high volume of spare tickets being offered and requested via Twitter for events, so we set up @Twickets to connect these people using retweets, hashtags and the Twitter API. We wanted to ensure that the platform was different to other secondary market ticketing sites such as Viagogo and StubHub, in that as well as facilitating the trading of tickets, it also protected consumers’ rights and made sure they would change hands at face value or less.

How it works

After discovering Twitter was full of users looking to buy and sell face-value tickets for events across the country, we understood that to be successful we’d have to commit a great deal of time and attention to the project. Twitter was blossoming in popularity by late 2011, so we sourced our inventory from the platform and redistributed it to Twitter’s large user base using hashtags and retweets, aided by the Twitter API. Noticing that many users prior to this were only tweeting to their friends about tickets, we established the concept of “tweet us if you’ve got a ticket, follow us if you want one” to get in front of more people. Word-of-mouth was crucial in growing Twickets at its inception, and having spent only a few hundred pounds on marketing, it has become the main reason for our success.

After gaining 10,000 followers in our first year, people were being offered hundreds of tickets for events they had no interest in, threatening the usefulness of the service. We created an app letting users filter their ticket stream, and it was from here that Twickets boomed, with 30,000 downloads in the first week. In February 2015 we launched a responsive website, making Twickets fully transactional to better protect our users. This means we’re at the heart of every transaction through to the delivery process, and can step in where necessary; buyers get their money back if things go wrong, and sellers receive their funds at the time of sale.

Ordinary fans are being squeezed out of gigs and shows thanks to unscrupulous touts exploiting the hard work and talent of others. Twickets is already what the secondary market should be about: true fans selling to true fans at face value.

Sharon Hodgson, Chair, All- Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Ticket Abuse

We are delighted to give our full backing and support to Twickets - an ethical alternative that provides a fair and transparent 'face value or less' solution.

Richard Griffiths, Founder - Modest! Management

Future growth

In the four and a half years Twickets has existed, it’s grown from a simple Twitter experiment into a multi-platform ticket exchange with almost half a million users in the United Kingdom. We’ve seen over 500% growth since re-launch in Feb ’15, with June turnover reaching £150,000. Twickets apps have garnered more than 250,000 downloads to date, and we’re gaining 5,000 – 10,000 new users per month through word-of-mouth. We’ve been featured in The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and The Sun, as well as several monthly magazines, being named one of Stuff Magazine’s essential apps of 2013.

Twickets has won enormous support from leading figures in the entertainment industry, and alongside creator Richard Davies the board of investors includes former chairman of EMI Music Tony Wadsworth, Harry Magee and Richard Griffiths of Modest Management (One Direction, Cheryl Cole), Wildlife Entertainment CEO Ian McAndrew (Arctic Monkeys), Crystal Palace FC Chairman Steve Parish, and Chrysalis Records founder Chris Wright.

We’re excited to witness the continual growth of Twickets and look forward to future expansion both in the UK and internationally, where we have already received considerable interest.

You can find out more about Twickets, or start buying and selling tickets at face value, over at www.twickets.co.uk

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