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a multi award-winning development framework

Since 2011 we’ve been building Kirin, a multi award-winning development framework that makes it easier and faster to build cross-platform native apps. Reducing the time and cost of development, support, and maintenance, Kirin is helping brands such as Domino’s Pizza give their customers a consistent, powerful multi-channel digital experience.

The cross-platform challenge

Due to modern user behaviour and expectation, it’s rare that we deliver solutions for clients that only exist on one platform. We firmly believe in building native interfaces, but also understand the complications of rebuilding business and application logic from scratch for each platform. Because iOS, Android and Windows apps are developed using different languages, code cannot be easily reused when targeting multiple platforms. Building a native app can be an arduous and expensive process, where individual changes must be made to all iterations of the app across each operating system. To fix that, in 2011 we began to configure a tool that would allow business and app logic to be developed in a single language, whilst ensuring that the user interface is still native and therefore familiar to the user.

Creating common code

Using Kirin, all of the common local application and business logic is written in one language: Java. As Android’s native language, Java provides a stable and familiar foundation upon which to build code for iOS and Windows. Using Google Web Toolkit, the Java code is translated into JavaScript, which can run on all devices. Through being able to write a single set of code covering multiple operating systems, we have been able to streamline and improve the speed of the development process, freeing up time to focus on building rich and engaging native user interfaces. Unlike other mobile cross-platform solutions, Kirin also allows us to target platforms outside of mobile such as Xbox One, which we have done to great success with Domino’s Pizza and Microsoft.

Multiple platforms, one direction

We have produced some of our finest projects using Kirin, including apps for highly reputable clients including Domino’s Pizza, EE, Wembley Stadium, Glastonbury Festival, The FA, and Premier League. Kirin’s most successful (and ongoing) use is on the suite of apps we build and maintain for Domino’s Pizza, which have been downloaded more than 10 million times in the UK. The apps, developed and published on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, and Xbox One, all feature native-built interfaces that run on a single set of Kirin code. Domino’s processes £5 million in sales per week using these apps, and Kirin us allows to keep them running efficiently, implementing changes and updates across the entire suite.

Kirin enables our business to offer secure, stable and scalable cross-platform solutions to clients, with each app taking full advantage of the operating system it runs on. These apps can then be maintained and improved upon with greater ease and efficiency, reducing the time and cost required to implement changes.

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