Transforming Domino's as an innovative, digital market leader

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By crafting an award-winning multichannel experience, Domino’s Pizza saved significant

time and resources, and improved their online orders by 44.5%.

dominos compilation
dominos compilation


Prior to working with Future Platforms, Domino’s Pizza had a very inconsistent look and feel
to their digital channels. At the time, its iPhone and Android apps were not delivering the
expected sales results and the company was underutilising mobile, which has since become one of its core sales channels.

Before 2012, the business was struggling in an increasingly digital world, and it realised it
was not seeing returns from their consumer app or online channels.

The pizza giant recognised that it needed to enhance its customer experience in order to
compete with other online food ordering and delivery platforms, and succeed in the digital
age. They identified that providing customers with a multichannel experience could improve
their customer loyalty and see the company increase its revenue.

dominos sketch
dominos sketch


Domino’s approached Future Platforms for a solution to their challenge. The Future Platforms team recognised that in order to expand the brand’s presence, they would need to create a multi-touch journey, which would reach the audience across more channels.

Domino’s existing iOS and Android apps were completely redesigned and revamped. Not only that, but the multinational pizza chain received digital solutions across all major platforms, including all Apple products, Android phones/tablets, Windows platforms, and
Xbox One consoles.

dominos watch
dominos watch


Since the launch of their mobile app and multichannel experience, Domino’s has seen a significant increase in revenue, turning over £450M per year in mobile sales alone. The company has also seen a spike in efficiency, saving valuable time and resources by streamlining their online presence.

More than 12M people have now downloaded the Domino’s pizza app, providing a clear indication that the robust, reliable, and well-maintained suite of apps continue to be successful, year-on-year.

dominos phone app
dominos phone app

Customers who shop online have a higher rate of conversion, buy from us more frequently, spend more per visit, hold the brand in high regard, and are less costly for our franchisees to serve. The rapid progress we have made in e-commerce means that we are already the clear leader amongst quick-service restaurant operators in digital.

David Wild, CEO, Domino's Pizza Group

Our work for Domino's has won several awards

Our work for Domino's has won several awards


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