Driving operational efficiency and productivity for Domino's

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An order and driver tracking management app and platform that has driven new insight and an annual multimillion-pound cost saving through efficiency, productivity gains, and reduced costs.


Dominos had a big problem. Once a pizza was made and given to a driver there was no visibility on this vital part of the customer experience (did the pizza arrive hot and fresh!). As part of our ongoing strategic relationship they asked us to create a digital solution for their drivers and stores that would transform many aspects of Domino’s retail and delivery operations.


A custom-built application for Domino’s 27,000 drivers, combined with a big screen reporting dashboard in-store and real time data feeds for analysis by regional and HQ operations staff.


A multimillion-pound cost saving each year, by making significant improvements to operations, efficiency, and productivity including:


  • Better order allocation
  • Improved labour efficiencies and reduction in staff costs
  • Faster delivery times
  • Improved customer satisfaction from the pizza tracking function
  • Reduced insurance costs with the use of telematic data
  • Greater visibility of driver’s behaviours and better driver safety
  • Ongoing data on trends and performance

On labour efficiency, our investment in GPS has been a major benefit for franchisees. Many of them have achieved cost efficiencies of greater than 0.5% of store revenue, net of the cost of deployment. Over time we expect this to lead to sales benefits and other cost savings such as insurance.

David Wild, Chief Executive Officer

The app has also won several awards

The app has also won several awards


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