Sponsorship tracking & JustGiving integration

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Keeping runners motivated to maximise fundraising potential

In 2014, we won a competitive pitch to become technical partner alongside the creative agency, Dare, for the proposed development of an iOS and Android app for the UK’s largest women-only fundraising event, Race for Life. We were eager to demonstrate our ambition for the project, and were tasked with the responsibility of producing an app that transforms the way in which participants manage their sponsorship efforts, in a bid to maximize fundraising potential through mobile solutions.

The event itself is a series of 5k and 10k runs across the country, attracting over 700,000 participants each year. The challenge faced by the Charity was to keep the participants motivated with their fundraising in a way that fitted around their busy lives.

Accommodating fundraisers needs using mobile

Participants downloading the Race for Life app need quick, creative and interesting ways to promote what they are doing to friends and family in order to sustain momentum for their fundraising, whilst keeping track of donations via integration with charity payment engine, Just Giving, over the two platforms. The application communicates with the Just Giving fundraising platform and allows users to track their donations, and even sign up to a race if they need to, making the process as easy and simple as possible. To help with this, we used Kirin, our in house cross platform development framework to enable a cost efficient method of building across multiple platforms.

Enhance the fundraising experience

Through thoughtful planning, we considered the exact needs of the users to keep them motivated to hit their fund raising goals by nudging, teasing, and rewarding users whilst also making the process of asking their friends more fun. Other useful app functionality includes updates in the latest Race for Life news tailored to the users race, counting down to an event, sharing users JustTextGiving code to get sponsored by SMS, celebrating and sharing sponsorship milestones, and allowing users to create and share personalised content with friends and family. Our concentration on making the app easy to use, convenient, and user centric has prompted downloads and usage to be significantly higher than expected, with nearly 56,000 downloads to date, 79% over Cancer Research’s target with figures forecast to rise.

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