Businesses Need to Prioritise Three Key Factors for Digital Transformation

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Posted by Luke Zaki on 08 Jul, 2019


Businesses need to focus on three key factors to ensure they undergo effective operational digital transformation.


“Customers want utility and personalised experiences when they deal with brands,” says Adam Croxen, Managing Director at Future Platforms.


“Digital transformation can help businesses deliver the projects and experiences people want but it’s not easy. Yet it is essential if you want to successfully engage people with your products and services.”



To concentrate its efforts on digital transformation, Croxen suggests a business focus on three key areas:


  1. Process digitisation;
  2. Employee enablement, and;
  3. Using digital to offer customers the services and products they want.


After a recent Future Platforms panel debate and event, where digital transformation was the topic, experts from Domino’s Pizza, Sainsbury’s, and FirstGroup suggested that the best way forward was to start with small steps, such as prototypes and demos, and keep an agile approach throughout any digital transformation project.


Oracle’s recent research has highlighted the opportunity for businesses that undergo digital transformation. Technology can have “a massive 64% impact on ‘business efficiency’ and an overall big impact on ‘organisational performance of 27%”, according to the tech giant.


Future Platforms’ latest white paper, Digital Transformation from the Inside Out, expands on the three key areas mentioned above in more detail. It looks at process digitisation, employee enablement and performance management, and further explores the following topics:


  • How Domino’s Pizza completely transformed its business by introducing an app for its 27,000 drivers.
  • How customer expectations have changed and why utility is so desirable.
  • What digital products can do for business operations.
  • Successful digital transformation.
  • The must-haves for implementing a successful digital transformation strategy.


Digital transformation is difficult but once achieved it can reward businesses by allowing them to innovate and produce new services and activities in new ways.

“The user and customer should be king. If it’s not going to deliver benefit to the user, and therefore our consumer, then why are we wasting time on it?”

Adam Croxen, Managing Director – Future Platforms

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