Personalisation in Digital Loyalty Programmes

This article covers how the use of customer data can be used to personalise digital loyalty programmes.

The Power of Personalisation in Digital Loyalty Programmes

Digital loyalty programmes are a great way for brands to engage new customers and boost customer retention. No matter what industry or sector you work in, consumers will be enticed to stick with your brand if you offer them a bevy of enticing rewards.

Today, when the vast majority of customer loyalty programmes are handled through digital applications, brands have the opportunity to harness user data to provide a more personalised experience.

This article will explore customer loyalty programmes and cover how a personalised app can enhance the experience for users and benefit the brand offering them. Read on to learn more.

What is a Loyalty Programme?

A loyalty programme incentivises existing customers to use your services or purchase your products repeatedly, offering appealing rewards and other concrete benefits to them over time to condition them to remain more faithful.

Indeed, recent research shows that over 83% of consumers claim that a good loyalty program will influence their decision to buy from a brand again. Meanwhile, another survey has shown that around 75% of consumers are willing to buy more products when they’re a part of a loyalty programme.

This means that loyalty programs are ideal for guaranteeing dependable, long-term revenue and promoting further corporate growth.

However, there is a downside to loyalty programmes. Namely, so many competing brands employ them, so consumers can be left stricken with an overabundance of choice. So, how can brands gain a competitive advantage and make their own loyalty programme more enticing?

Benefits of Personalised Loyalty Programmes

The answer is personalisation. By gathering customer data on their purchases or through opinion polls and surveys, you can tailor your existing loyalty programme to cater to the exact needs of each individual member.

For instance, if your app works by offering discounts after accruing points gained through repeat purchases, then a hyper-personalised approach would provide customers with discounts on products that they have regularly purchased in the past. This will show the customer that your brand is listening to them and feeding back appropriately, consolidating their loyalty as a result.

Thus, by responding to their specific needs or desires (rather than rewarding them with generalised perks that don’t match their interest), you’ll be more likely to make those members loyal to your brand over all others.

By rewarding positive customer behaviour with the specific rewards each member desires, you’ll be able to foster a positive emotional connection between your target consumers and your enterprise. As your customers will feel seen and valued, they’ll be more likely to willingly become brand advocates who can market your brand through word-of-mouth.

Personalised Apps that Guarantee Loyalty Customers

There’s a wealth of evidence suggesting that customers already want hyper-personalised loyalty programmes specific to their needs. Moreover, they seem to be happy to provide their consumer data to digital apps to access better rewards.

For instance, one report shows that approximately 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalised experiences. Meanwhile, a report from Forrester claims that 63% of U.S. adults are willing to share personal information with companies for perks such as cash rewards, loyalty program points, and early access.

Mobile apps are the quickest, easiest, and most intuitive way for consumers to access your loyalty programmes. They can also provide you with a treasure trove of purchasing data, which you can use to continually refine and reiterate the app itself.

Remember to design your app’s CX to reflect your targeted audience’s aesthetic preferences and needs. You can also ensure that your messaging and marketing materials are personalised to individual customers, addressing them by name and noting their specific interests to make them more invested.

Mobile apps also allow you to gamify your loyalty programme, which further encourages your customers to use it regularly and develop an affinity with your brand above others.

Loyalty scheme apps can be designed to offer members features such as custom tiers, loyalty levels, or certain point-granting activities. Using these systems allows your brand to reward customers for taking specific actions and purchasing. For example, you could encourage your members to leave positive reviews, interact with your brand on social media, refer friends and family to join the scheme as well, or even participate in event contests.

Build Bespoke Loyalty Programmes With Future Platforms

As we’ve shown, building your own mobile app to facilitate a hyper-personalised loyalty programme can pay dividends. However, not all enterprises have the specific skills, resources, or experience with mobile apps to create an effective one without help.

This is why working with a trusted partner with a history of designing and building these applications can be a way forward. Here at Future Platforms, we know how to create loyalty programmes that customers respond to and provide a measurable return on investment for the brands that adopt them.

Our experienced team of devs and designers will work with you to create and launch a digital loyalty program that your customers won’t be able to live without and take steps to find out what features your customers want most and find the best ways of providing them with personalised perks to boost retention.

So, if you’d like to know more about our services, then reach out and contact our team today.