A Year in Review: The Future Platforms 2019 Round-Up

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Posted by Bojana Lazarevska on 19 Dec, 2019

It has been a busy year in the Future Platforms office. The year started off strong, with three key company hires to drive growth: Tim Ball, Phil Twine, and Luke Zaki.

Since then, the team has embarked on many new projects, so we thought we would look back at some of our more notable achievements this year.

The Workspace Booking App

The Workspace app

Working in London is increasingly diverse, with many enterepreneurs, start-ups, and small and large companies alike needing flexible and convenient working spaces.

To address the evolving workplace, Workspace opened co-working and meeting room spaces in London, which now house 3000 professionals.

With over 60 properties spanning London, everyone from one-person start-ups to well-etablished enterprises can find the supportive and dynamic working environment for their business.

It’s more than just office space, however – the aim is to create a community whereby businesses can network and collaborate with other like-minded professionals.

Traditionally, it was challenging for users to book office space as it was only possible to do so using the website. This presented a frustrating experience for busy professionals who are often on-the-go and required a simpler, faster, and easier way to book.

Because of this, it’s imperative that Workspace has an easy system that customers can use to book anything from casual team get-togethers to important boardroom presentations, from anywhere and at any time.

To address this, Future Platforms designed and developed the Workspace app, which makes it easy for customers to book a space by the hour or day, instantly. The app allows you to book a room and all the facilities a business may need, such as AV, from an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

As well as the impressive booking system, this app is also special as it was built in Kotlin Multiplatform, a relatively new framework of mobile app development. This platform creates better experiences for users and better opportunities for businesses.

Needless to say, the Future Platforms team was excited to test out this new platform, due to it making app development and maintenance easier than ever.

The app is available on both iOS and Android, and makes choosing one of the 100 rooms on offer a breeze.

It’s a Chatbot’s World

Chatbots blew up in 2019, and we wanted to explore the topic in great depth, in particular, bots’ impact on businesses and how they will evolve in the future.

Future Platforms - Exploring the Business Benefits of Chatbots event
Future Platforms’ Exploring the Business Benefits of Chatbots event

Exploring the Business Benefits of Chatbots

In July, we held a Spotlight Series event, during which we discussed chatbots’ benefits and challenges, focusing on the combined experiences of customers and businesses.

We also showed attendees how to create compelling user experiences and how to start building their bot. Some of the key takeaways included:

  • Businesses seeing a 99% improvement in response time, after implementing a chatbot.
  • Chatbots creating more sales conversions, when correctly designed.
  • Businesses saving up to 85% of their spend in customer service calls each year and significantly increasing revenue when integrating chatbots.

It was an insightful event, and you can catch the video of the presentations here.

Building a Chatbot Business Case: A Five-Step Approach

Future Platforms Webinar: Building a Chatbot Business Case
Future Platforms Building a Chatbot Business Case webinar

To expand on our event, we recently hosted a webinar for those interested in implementing a chatbot in their business, or who have one that is underperforming.

We have developed a five-step approach to building a business case to address specific business needs. Our business case approach clearly outlines your business needs and goals to ensure the future success of your chatbot. This 20-minute webinar explores:

  • What KPIs a bot will deliver;
  • The potential savings for your enterprise;
  • The appropriate channels on which to implement your bot;
  • How to measure success, and;
  • How and where to start.

Watch our webinar on-demand to find answers to the above and more.

Our Mobile Health Check

We created a seven-step mobile health check for businesses to help them get started on their mobile strategy journey.

Our health check takes a holistic view at businesses’ current mobile solutions (if any), their needs and goals, end-users, and the industry market to help them implement a mobile strategy that will deliver results.

As our solutions are always bespoke and tailored for each business’ unique requirements, our health check is completely personalised. To find out more about what’s included, head here.

Key Industry Acknowledgements

This year, we were lucky enough to be awarded for our work and company culture at four events.

It’s always great to be acknowledged for the work we do, which is why we’re proud to have won in the following categories:

Mobile Brand of the Decade with Domino’s Pizza

Mobile has fast become our go-to device for communication, entertainment, and information. It has transformed into an omnipresent tool for utility. Because of this, brands have been quick to adopt mobile into their digital strategies.

Domino’s digital journey began with Future Platforms, when the business identified that its customers craved an improved, multichannel experience.

After teaming up with Future Platforms, Domino’s has experienced a 44.5 percent improvement in online orders, increased operational efficiency, and, most importantly, some very happy customers.

We’re really proud that this achievement was acknowledged on the tenth anniversary of the 2019 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs).

Most Effective App and Biggest Increase in ROI from a Mobile Campaign or Strategy

The Drum Mobile Awards recognises and celebrates the campaigns, brands, and agencies that are at the forefront of the mobile industry. Winning twice at these awards was an incredible honour.

It was another two wins for our work with Domino’s, including the Driver App and Dashboard, which tracks the 27,000+ drivers in its network. The biggest ROI win came from our overall partnership with the business, which is now in its 13th year.

Over the past decade, our partnership has seen our agency develop technical solutions across iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Apple Watch, Xbox One and web, all of which have helped transform Domino’s into a digital powerhouse.

Best Company Culture and Best Digital Agency

As well as the work we produce, we’re always really proud of the type of company culture we have created. 

In recent years, we’ve tried to define our culture and create a set of shared values, which was recognised at the Business Excellence Forum & Awards for Best Company Culture earlier in the year. 

Our winning streak continued at the Prolific London Awards when we took home the Digital Agency of the Year accolade. This award was particularly special as it was a tough shortlist of great agencies from a range of sectors. We were also recognised for our work as a digital, not just mobile, agency, which is incredibly important to us. 

Hackathon: Innovative Ways Technology can Improve Buildings

The Future Platforms hackathon

This year, Future Platforms split into five teams to battle it out for our annual hackathon. We explored how emerging technologies could be used to improve buildings for tenants and building owners.

The event uncovered five truly innovative ways technology is creating and improving smart buildings. The teams also created prototypes of their ideas, which included:

  • Hyper-flexible, personalised working spaces: powered by AI, this building used clever technology, such as face recognition, space tracking, and digital postboxed, to redefine the traditional workspace.
  • Unifying businesses in a shared space: these co-working spaces encourage business networking by connecting tenants through a unique, food-ordering app.
  • Enhanced building security and safety: this technology eliminates security breaches with a facial recognition entry system, that scans an individual’s face for access into the building.
  • Transforming the hostel experience: this building was transformed into a hostel which uses the latest technology to remove common traveller pain points – such as long queues at check-in and lost keys – all managed through one easy-to-use app.
  • Environmentally-friendly office spaces: with concerns for the environment growing, this business offers green office spaces that reduce the impact on the environment through smart technology, such as environmental control and green commuting options.

Looking Ahead to 2020

We have plenty more lined up to come in the new year, including exciting new projects we’ll be sharing more on.

As well as this, the Future Platforms team is always growing, so keep an eye out for new faces that will join us. We’re looking forward to seeing you in 2020!

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