The Guardian Anywhere

A content-rich, offline-enabled mobile app

The Guardian Anywhere was created in-house as an app that simply works for readers of the Guardian newspaper.  The app is a news-reader which consumes the public RSS feeds the Guardian publish, and meets one simple use case: putting your newspaper on your phone when you need it most, on the commute to work. The app wakes up when your mobile is on charge, on your home wi-fi, and downloads the whole newspaper (articles, photos and sections), making it available when you are out of network coverage and ensuring a fast, slick user experience.

The app ties into social sharing services and offers users explicit customisation (“build your own newspaper”) and personalisation (“based on your reading habits here are some articles you’ll like”). It has delivered more than 2 million copies of the Guardian to date, has a retained audience of 25,000 users and has achieved more than 50,000 downloads, 1,000 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating overall since its release.