Glastonbury Festival & EE

Maximising event sponsorship with a powerful app

Capitalising on event sponsorship with an app that matters

Our four-year Glastonbury journey began in 2011 when EE, the official partner of Glastonbury Festival, approached Future Platforms with a view to enhancing their 2010 Glastonbury app. As the festival’s key sponsor, EE believed that the app was one of the few opportunities to capitalise on this sponsorship, providing a positive ‘brand in the hand’ experience that would entertain and help festival goers. The relaunched app received fantastic feedback and increasingly positive download figures, gaining 100k in its first year. Returning in 2013, the app utilised a pioneering data connection to produce the world’s first 4G festival. After steady improvements from 2011-2014, the 2015 version of the app has proven to be the most successful by a significant margin; setting a new level of success for the app that has become essential to the Glastonbury experience.

Year on year improvements to make the app a festival essential

The 2011 Glastonbury app offered essential festival content such as an interactive festival ground map, mood map, shareable content through social media, and an option to build your own itinerary. The 2013 version kept these features while also streaming live BBC coverage of the festival, and highlighting artists that were playing at the festival by pulling in music clips via Deezer. Building on the success of previous years for 2014, we added improved offline capability, extended information sections, the ability to share a planner with friends on Facebook, pins for the interactive map, and additional levels of zoom for increased detail and utility.

Scaling new heights in 2015

After consistent improvement during 2011-2014, this year’s app broke new ground and generated our most impressive set of analytics figures to date. For 2015 we completely redefined the UX and design, alongside adding new features that gave users more power and functionality than ever before. We let people share pins and add favoruite acts from an A-Z list, resulting in sessions, page loads and time spent in-app rising to unprecedented levels.

On average, users opened the app an additional 6.5 times more than in 2014, with the 4.1 million sessions undertaken representing a more than 40% year-on-year rise. Our UX revisions focused mostly on the app’s most popular feature, the electronic line-up planner, and page loads of this feature totalled 5.9 million; an impressive 168% increase on the 2014 figure of 2.2 million.

These figures are a clear indication of the app’s success in 2015, and go to great lengths to illustrate how it has become a vital part of the Glastonbury experience. As useful to those watching at home as those stuck in the mud on-site, the app is firmly established as a crucial piece of festival kit, and we look forward to growing it further next year.