Official Glastonbury Apps

Making the most of event sponsorship through mobile apps

Capitalising on event sponsorship via an app that matters

Our four-year Glastonbury journey began in 2011 when EE, the official partner of Glastonbury Festival approached Future Platforms with a view to enhancing their 2010 Glastonbury app. As the festival’s key sponsor, EE believed that the app was one of the few opportunities to capitalise on this sponsorship, providing a positive ‘brand in the hand’ experience to festival goers by delivering even more features, and practical assistance to enhance the festival experience.

The relaunched app received fantastic feedback and increasingly positive download figures. The EE and Future Platforms’ partnership continued to flourish heading into 2013, pushing the Glastonbury apps’ capabilities even further. With a combination of EE’s technical innovation, and a focus on the ultimate Glastonbury utility, we followed 2011 with another successful Glastonbury app for 2013, which utilised a pioneering 4G connection to produce the world’s first 4G festival. Our task going into development of the 2014 version was to continue showcasing EE’s 4G innovations, and to enhance it further to make a truly essential piece of kit for festival goers.

Year on year improvements based on user feedback

The 2011 Glastonbury app offered essential festival content such as an interactive festival ground map, mood map, shareable content through social media, and an option to build your own itinerary. The 2013 Glastonbury app offered new content and features, keeping the most popular functionality of the previous version. The 2013 version streamed live BBC coverage of the festival, delivered by EE’s ‘super-fast speeds’. It highlighted artists that were playing at the festival by pulling in music clips via Deezer, EE’s streaming music partner, allowing users to discover new acts that they may have never heard of before.

Building on the success of previous years, our first priority for the 2014 Glastonbury app was to ensure that all of the most popular functionality of the previous versions was included, with further significant improvements. In order to do this, we implemented improved offline capability, extended information sections, the ability to share a planner with friends on Facebook, pins for the interactive map, and additional levels of zoom on the map for increased detail to ensure that it offers consumers the most interactive and useful tool possible.

Glastonbury app becomes a festival essential

With 100,000 downloads for the Glastonbury 2011 app, and almost 200,000 downloads for the Glastonbury 2013 app, expectations for the 2014 version are surely going to be similar, if not loftier.

Early response for the 2014 app has been positive, as users deem it to be as crucial to Glastonbury survival as wellies, sunscreen, and baby wipes, making it an essential piece of kit. High praise indeed in the festival world. This is an app that is clearly valued by the masses of people attending the festival site over Glastonbury weekend.

2014 Official EE Glastonbury App - available now on iPhone and Android