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Bridging Digital and Real Life

This morning Poke Presents put on a day of Creative inspiration and talk at Hackney House, celebrating the cutting edge innovation that is bridging the burgeoning digital world of start up and real life products.

First up we had Matt Jones from Berg talking about how they create new products with a view to innovate on how online and offline interact. Including the interesting projects he spoke about that whetted our appetite was Little Printer, the cute printing device that connects cloud-based data and physical, charmingly ‘old school’ portable printing, for at home use.

Next Up was Jo Roach from MakieLab, a new-school startup bridging the gap between gaming and toys with their distinctive range of personalised dolls created using 3D printing technology. Interesting points were how the technology had made their business possible, creating small runs of highly individualized products that respond to orders rather than mass-producing.

The GeekDad hack product of choice ‘Sugru’ was next to be showcased, by founder Jane who won us over with her tales of crowd-sourced product development, passionate hackers and products that go against the grain. Sugru is a wonder material that aims to ‘fix the future’ rather than encourage the all too prevalent disposable culture of current commerce. Check out the (seemingly utterly endless) uses of Sugru here and its legions of hack-happy Gurus.

Lastly to the podium was the new Creative Director at, Matthew Grey, who spoke about how they are inverting the real-life to digital model with business cards that encourage the physical while embracing the boundless creative opportunities of being a purely e-commerce innovative brand.