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  1. Our team’s insight on future trends in tech

    For this month’s edition of our monthly newsletter, we’re referring back to its title and looking ahead to what 2015 and beyond might hold for the technology industry.
  2. Smart home tech must be as clever as it is cool

    Industry leaders Google, Apple and Samsung have all made significant moves into the smart home market in the past year, but consumer uptake of connected devices has been slow as they question the necessity of it.
  3. iOS 8 will bring brands closer to their customers

    Apple are about to unveil their new and hotly-anticipated iPhone, but it’s the latest build of iOS which should be of the greatest interest to brands looking to reach more of their customers...
  4. Tech-savvy over-50s embrace mobile

    The over-50s make up 35% of the British population, and have the highest disposable income of any age group so this begs the question, are brands doing enough on mobile to service a frustrated and overlooked demographic?
  5. How has an evolving demographic within the travel industry influenced the need for mobile?

    We explore the rapidly changing consumer demographic within the UK cruise industry. With more and more smartphones and tablets being brought on board, are operators doing enough to give customers what they want by providing a connected mobile experience throughout their holiday?
  6. Is abandonment making basket cases out of online retailers?

    Basket abandonment is THE burning issue for online retailers, costing up to a staggering $3 trillion a year in potential sales. So what are the pressing issues fuelling this habit amongst consumers and what are retailers doing to capitalise on this missed opportunity?
  7. Accessibility on mobile: what do brands and developers need to do?

    Smartphones can be invaluable for disabled users. But many apps are not accessible to all. So what needs to change?
  8. Where next for the connected car?

    With many of the tech predictions for this year focused on the internet of things, we looked at something that has had computer networks in it for some time: the car. But it probably isn’t Apple’s CarPlay that will prove transformative: the real revolution will come later.
  9. Where is Windows Phone headed?

    ‘Nokia forks Android’ was a headline story from MWC. With a new Microsoft CEO and the (not yet final) acquisition by Microsoft of Nokia’s devices and services division, we decided to take a closer look at the Windows Phone ecosystem.
  10. How do you make money from mobile?

    In a rapidly changing landscape, where mobile is projected to overtake desktop browsing, we look at some of the options.
  11. 2013 – A Year in Mobile

    2013 has seen rapid and exciting changes in the digital sphere. To round off the year, we picked five trends which we’ll keep an eye on over the coming months.
  12. iBeacons set to revolutionise mobile?

    With Apple embracing iBeacons and trials underway in US stadiums and stores, we assess the underlying technology’s capabilities and pitfalls.