All the latest news and announcements from Future Platforms

  1. Where next for the connected car?

    With many of the tech predictions for this year focused on the internet of things, we looked at something that has had computer networks in it for some time: the car. But it probably isn’t Apple’s CarPlay that will prove transformative: the real revolution will come later.
  2. Where is Windows Phone headed?

    ‘Nokia forks Android’ was a headline story from MWC. With a new Microsoft CEO and the (not yet final) acquisition by Microsoft of Nokia’s devices and services division, we decided to take a closer look at the Windows Phone ecosystem.
  3. How do you make money from mobile?

    In a rapidly changing landscape, where mobile is projected to overtake desktop browsing, we look at some of the options.
  4. 2013 – A Year in Mobile

    2013 has seen rapid and exciting changes in the digital sphere. To round off the year, we picked five trends which we’ll keep an eye on over the coming months.
  5. iBeacons set to revolutionise mobile?

    With Apple embracing iBeacons and trials underway in US stadiums and stores, we assess the underlying technology’s capabilities and pitfalls.
  6. Customers delight in new Domino’s Pizza Android app

    The long awaited new look Domino's Pizza Android app launches with an enhanced ordering experience.
  7. Myths of the near future: 3D printing debunked

    Disruptive, inspirational and innovative; we take a look behind the fears, hopes and headlines 3D printing is garnering.
  8. Kirin: cross platform development

    Kirin is an innovative, open-source solution for developing cross platform apps. We’ve been developing Kirin in-house since 2011 and are applying its benefits in our work for clients. Here we summarise recent activity with Kirin.
  9. What makes a good event app?

    As we’re in full swing of the summer events season we decided to look at what exactly makes a really great event app; whether it’s for a sporting or cultural event or business conference.
  10. EE Glastonbury 2013 Official App: A user-centric app that matters

    We built the EE Glastonbury 2013 Official app and spill the beans on our strategy to create a really useful app that matters.
  11. London Web Standards: ‘Business Growth through UX’

    Future Platforms' Head of UX, Alex Vitty, reports from a user experience meet up focussing on the impact of UX on business growth.
  12. Microsoft’s Ubelly interviews us

    Microsoft's Ubelly interviews Alex Vitty and Kader Kawsar from Future Platforms about how they designed and built the hugely popular Windows Phone 8 app for Domino's Pizza, which features NFC and voice activation.