Posts by Elle

  1. Myths of the near future: 3D printing debunked

    Disruptive, inspirational and innovative; we take a look behind the fears, hopes and headlines 3D printing is garnering.
  2. Kirin: cross platform development

    Kirin is an award-winning, open-source solution for developing cross-platform apps. Find out how we're using it to streamline app development for our clients.
  3. What makes a good event app?

    As we’re in full swing of the summer events season we decided to look at what exactly makes a really great event app; whether it’s for a sporting or cultural event or business conference.
  4. EE Glastonbury 2013 Official App: A user-centric app that matters

    We built the EE Glastonbury 2013 Official app and spill the beans on our strategy to create a really useful app that matters.
  5. Microsoft’s Ubelly interviews us

    Microsoft's Ubelly interviews Alex Vitty and Kader Kawsar from Future Platforms about how they designed and built the hugely popular Windows Phone 8 app for Domino's Pizza, which features NFC and voice activation.
  6. Pizza Lovers ♥ Domino’s Pizza WP8 App

    Domino’s Pizza has a real knack for garnering good will from their legions of pizza lovers, read what their fans were saying when they downloaded their latest Windows Phone 8 app.
  7. Official England Football App Out Now

    The FA, Engage Media and Future Platforms release the Official England Football app on Windows Phone 8.
  8. An ‘Internet of Things’: Are we there yet?

    The ‘‘Internet of Things’ was a term first uttered as the nineties gave way to the noughties, but has not really been visible in ‘real-life’ until now. So what is it? We look at whether we really are near to it becoming an everyday reality.
  9. Domino’s Pizza new Windows Phone 8 app

    Domino's Pizza takes ordering on WP to the next level with a brand new Windows Phone 8 app out now.
  10. We ‘Like’ Facebook Search

    Facebook has begun their move in 'search'. What does it mean for digital marketers, users and the web industry?
  11. Are Smart TVs that clever?

    We look into where Smart TV technology is at right now and think about how it may get a little smarter in the future...
  12. Phenomenal Debut for Twickets App

    The first Twickets app to be released in February 2012 meant worldwide attention and a phenomenal response from fans and bloggers alike.