Posts for January 2012

  1. Sky to Take on Netflix and YouView with Internet TV Service

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  2. Twitter Brand Pages to be Enhanced

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  3. Twitter Will Become Available in Right to Left Languages Soon

    In Today's Web News…Twitter is broadening its Global reach into right to left languages, the lines between Television and web-streaming services continues to blur, Oglivy gives his tips as an advertising copywriter and Nokia scrambles to keep up in the mobile market.
  4. Apple’s Q1 Results: Record-Shattering Revenue and Profit

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  5. Obama Hangs Out on Google Plus

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  6. Nokia Lumia Sales Seen Topping 1m

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  7. 2012: The Biggest Digital Stories Yet to Come

    We look at the worlds of Social Media and Marketing, how technology might affect daily life and the wider picture in this coming year.
  8. Tom Hume’s Mobile Predictions for 2012

    Looking for a few trends, and considering what might happen if they continue.
  9. Murdoch vs. Google on Twitter

    In Today's News Rupert Murdoch's foray into 'Tweeting' has already made waves, with a Twitter tirade against Google and the White House hitting headlines over the weekend and Google responding by branding the media mogul's rant as 'Nonsense.'
  10. Congratulations Nokia Lumia 900

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  11. Google+ Growth Spurt to 62m Users, 400m Predicted for 2012

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